Do you look at group workout sessions and wonder why; what and who? By this we mean; do you think why are people working out together; what are the benefits, and will I feel silly working out with people I don’t know? At Urban Fitness our mantra is happier, healthier, fitter, and stronger and we believe working out in a group achieves these goals.

We can all find it hard to find the motivation to work out; whether we are already working out regularly or if we are just starting on our journey. We talk ourselves out of it and end up putting it off and saying that we’ll start tomorrow. We have all been there. More times than not we end up just putting it off for good and never reaching our goals.

We believe in working out in a group and how it provides us with a way to train where we can have fun, feel motivated, and reach our goals. Participating in group fitness classes can also provide opportunities for social interaction and making new friends. Along with this comes a sense of belonging, working as a team and supporting one another; and being supported; which are vital for mental health.

Within this post we learn more about the reasons why working out collectively will help you achieve your own goals.

Group Workouts and the Benefits

We all can struggle with motivation which leads to accountability. Knowing that others are expecting you to show up and participate can make it more likely that you will stick to your routine. Group fitness classes offer structured workouts. Sometimes having the ideas to create your own workouts can be difficult and so having a structure in a group session ensures that you engage in a well-rounded and effective exercise session.

We can sometimes get bored; reach our peak at certain exercises and workouts so what is great about working in a group is variety. Group workouts often incorporate a variety of exercises preventing boredom and monotony in your fitness routine. As mentioned already; group exercising can provide opportunities for social interaction and the development of supportive relationships. Building connections with others who share your fitness goals can be motivating and enjoyable.

At Urban Fitness we have a team of trained instructors who are passionate about making Urban Fitness an un-intimidating, fun and results driven training environment. They are experienced individuals who want to help you achieve better results and your fitness goals. Achieving our goals means commitments and so having the energy and enthusiasm of a group environment can push you to work harder and achieve a higher intensity level in your workout than you might on your own.

We believe in fun and having a good time. A group work out session is often more enjoyable due to the social interaction and the excitement of shared activities. It can be hard to motivate yourself to work out by yourself, and by going to group training sessions you will be putting yourself in the perfect environment to reach your goals and be surrounded by other people also taking part in the session, music, having all the equipment that you need, coaches and much more. Having fun is the answer and it will help you reach the goals you set for yourself, whether they be weight loss, muscle gain, increasing your stamina, or your overall fitness.

Why Choose Urban Fitness for your Group Exercising

We are passionate about making Urban Fitness an un-intimidating, fun and results driven training environment. This is important to us. Our members are a real mix of experienced individuals and people who are just starting out on their fitness journey. We all have our own goals, and we ensure that we all work together in a motivational environment and ensure that you get the very most out of your time at Urban Fitness.

Being surrounded by like minded individuals who are all at Urban Fitness to achieve and reach their unique goals is enriching. Our group training gives you the benefit of being able to follow our tried and tested training programmes with the added benefit of being surrounded by a group of supportive, motivational, and like-minded individuals in an atmosphere and environment set up for your success.

What you might not know is that our classes are all designed to be challenging and push you to your limits; but they can all be scaled to fit your current level of fitness so whether you are experienced at working out in a group or are just starting out; group exercising is for you.

Come and see us at our fantastic gym and learn more about our group fitness. Our address is Urban Fitness, Jenkins Yard, Hudson Road, Sandycove, Co. Dublin. Contact us by phone on:0876072441 or email us at and start your fitness journey with us today.