Are you thinking of joining a gym, and are looking for a reputable gym in Dalkey that offers classes and has state-of-the-art facilities? Here at Urban Fitness, our gym is kitted out with all of the equipment that you need to start your fitness journey alongside experienced, knowledgeable coaches here to help you every step of the way.

Our group training classes are designed to take you from a beginner to an expert in no-time, starting with the fundamentals and elevating your health and fitness to the next level. No matter your fitness level, experience, weight, or ability, everyone is equally welcome here at Urban Fitness. If you would like to learn more about our gym in Dalkey, keep reading and to join our supportive community of members you can visit our website today and get started.

Programmed Exciting Group Sessions

Our group sessions are fun, exciting and challenging and will push you to be the best version of yourself. You will get the opportunity to use a range of equipment including Weightlifting equipment, Ski Rigs, free-weights, cables, medicine balls and more to take your fitness to the next level. Do not worry if you are new to the gym, as our coaches will be there to guide you through every step of the way. The group sessions are adjusted accordingly for each individual, and are held in small, focused groups so that you can get the attention and support you need from our coaches. You will start by learning the fundamentals, and building your strength and fitness with every session that you attend.

Timetable to Suit your Schedule

We have classes all throughout the day here at Urban Fitness, to suit you and your schedule. Some of our members prefer to work out in the morning before work, whereas some can only make it in the evening which is why we have such a varied and flexible timetable to suit everyone. Our first class on a Monday morning starts at 6:00am, with our last class starting at 7:10pm so you can find a class with us that fits you.

Supportive and Welcoming Coaches

We have a team of supportive and welcoming coaches here that are there to guide you through each group session and provide you with the support and advice that you need. Our coaches have a wealth of experience in both training and nutrition behind them, and are fully committed to helping you achieve your goals. They will be there to guide you through every movement and exercise that you do and ensure that you are executing movements with correct form and safety. We also offer small groups and one to one personal training if you want a more personal experience with your health and nutrition.

Strong Group Dynamic

We have a fantastic community of members here at Urban Fitness that all push and motivate each other daily to be the best versions of themselves. We are not just a gym, we are a community and there is always a positive, upbeat vibe in the gym and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Get Started on your Fitness Journey with Urban Fitness

If you would like to get started on your fitness journey in Dalkey, then contact us today! You can book an introductory call with a member of our team who will talk you through our programmes here at Urban Fitness and set you up for success. We are excited to meet you and get you on the right path to help you reach your goals, at our fantastic gym.