So many people want a magic pill.

To wave some sort of wand and magically, IMMEDIATELY, lose weight.

Barring that, they want a quick fix. They try every new fad diet, every possible weight loss tea, shake, and elixir, every 5-minute workout to tone their arms/ abs/ butt.

Sometimes, they even WORK.

But they all work based on the same principle.

Calorie deficit.

If you are eating in a consistent calorie deficit, you will lose weight.

Whether you are eating cabbage only, no gluten, keto, Atkins, vegan, apple cider vinegar between meals, intermittent fasting, no sugar, no dairy, pescatarian, shake for breakfast, or whatever is the latest trend.

All of them will help you lose weight, so long as they put you in a consistent calorie deficit.

But how many of them are sustainable?

How long CAN you eat cabbage before you just can’t do it anymore?

The sustainable part of the real crux of the matter.

Because while a quick fix MAY help you lose weight, you’ll put it back on just as quickly if you can’t sustain that pattern of eating.

So the most important nutrition principle for weight loss for YOU, is making sure you are staying in a calorie deficit with foods you enjoy. Don’t participate in a diet that makes you feel deprived. You’ll just rebound as soon as you are ‘allowed’ to eat your favorites again. Don’t participate in a diet so limiting that as soon as you reach your goal, you want to eat everything in sight, because you will. And you might not stop.

Real, lasting weight loss is possible. But you have to make sure that however you chose to manage your nutrition, it’s something you can stick with for the long term.

Eat foods you like. Have a dessert now and then. Enjoy a pint on the weekend.

Just maintain a consistent calorie deficit. No magic, no pills, no wand. Manage portion sizes, eat whole, natural foods, and be aware of your calorie intake.

Not only will you lose weight, but you’ll be able to keep it off.