Our small-group personal training guarantees results

What Is It And How Does It Work?

A more flexible and less expensive option than one-to-one to one personal training, more options for training times and you get to make the most of the rest of our gym membership.

It’s basically personal training carried out in a small group no larger than four people.

This way you get to train with like minded people on a similar mission as yourself in a fun atmosphere set up for success.

You still get personal training treatment, one to one assessment and evaluation, program designed and tailored specifically to you needs that is regularly reviewed and adapted.

When you come to train you train with your coach and  a couple of training partners.


Why Small Group Training?

Why Not? 

Personal training is a great option and will 100% get you the results you are looking for but what if you could get the same high quality attention and coaching with the added benefit of the group dynamic and atmosphere? Small group personal trining is exactly that and is fast becoming the industry standard for long-term fitness solution for people.

Long Term Solution

Small group personal training is your long term sustainable option. A lot more cost-effective than personal training with all the benefits and then some. Fitness is for life and should be part of your long term plan and lifestyle, this gives  you the vehicle to do so.


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