Thinking about getting back in the gym? Want to take part in fitness classes in Dun Laoghaire? You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to Urban Fitness, we are a premier gym helping both men and women achieve their fitness ambitions and dreams. We provide first-rate training programmes and nutritional guidance that enables clients to start their personal training and fitness journey and get in the best shape of their lives and help them lose weight.

Our clients come from all walks of life, and are at all different stages in their fitness goals journey. No matter where you are – whether you’ve been working out for many years or have never participated in a fitness class before, Urban Fitness can help you to feel more confident, look better and perform better physically.

To enquire about our fitness classes in Dun Laoghaire, reach out to us via the enquiry form on our website today.

Welcome to Urban Fitness

Here at Urban Fitness, we offer practical fitness classes in Dún Laoghaire that can transform your fitness level. We have a range of options from group training and small group personal training to individual personal training, to suit our clients’ needs. All of our classes are suitable for people of all ages and of all abilities, so anyone can get involved. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly, welcoming environment for all individuals, with our supportive personal trainers helping you to realise your full potential.

We put on tried-and-tested training programmes that are proven to deliver excellent results. What’s more, we combine this with expert nutritional knowledge and insight that will complement your training regime and programme. Everything is set up for the client to achieve the maximum and be in the fittest, healthiest shape of their life. Our coaches will motivate and encourage you in every single session, pushing you to your limits and helping you reach new heights.

If you are interested in our fitness classes in Dún Laoghaire, then take the first step today by booking a call with our team. We can give you a brief introduction into our classes and get to know you better. Then, we can meet you in person to make sure you’re comfortable with the team space and other members. Lastly, we will work with you to ensure you follow the optimal training plan and are able to achieve success. To change your life today, contact Urban Fitness in Dún Laoghaire  now.

Have any Questions about our Fitness Classes?

If there is something you’d like to ask us regarding our fitness classes in Dun Laoghaire, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today on 08760 72441. We can answer any questions you have and provide you with further details on our sessions – including our services, prices, programs and give you a warm personal welcome to our gym.

You can also email us directly at or drop us a line via the contact form on our website. We’ll respond to you as soon as possible. Head to the Urban Fitness in Dún Laoghaire website to explore our life-changing gym classes.