Do you want to make a physical change and get in the best condition of your life? If you’re looking for a modern gym in Sandycove, you’ve come to the right place; Urban Fitness is here to help. We’re a cutting-edge gym in south Dublin that helps men and women get in the best condition of their life so they can feel, look, and perform at their best.

We provide one-on-one, small group, and group training as well as a variety of fitness membership packages. Our team has worked with and inspire people of different ages and backgrounds, so no matter where you are in terms of health and conditioning, Urban Fitness is ready to welcome you.

Some Background on Urban Fitness

Our gym in Sandycove is all about helping individuals from any area of life to live better. Being happier and healthier starts with good quality nutrition and regular exercise. Our knowledgeable staff appreciate the challenges that everyday life creates, which make it difficult to exercise routinely and follow a concrete nutritional plan. That’s why our fitness plans and programmes are specifically tailored to your lifestyle and experience.

By working in this way, we have assisted a whole host of people in overcoming and beating their struggles – eventually heading in the right direction and reaching their personal bests and top fitness goals. We work with all ages and all levels, so whether you are a total beginner and you’ve never stepped inside a gym before, or you’re a fitness enthusiast with years behind you, Urban Fitness is the place for you to come.

We use the very best techniques and training programmes to achieve the finest results possible. Furthermore, we make use of quality nutritional coaching expertise that can be transferred easily into everyday life.

What Programmes do we Offer?

Here at our gym in Sandycove, we offer a number of different classes that you can practise. We offer group training, which is the core of everything we do. It gives you the advantage of following a tried-and-tested training programme with the support of like-minded individuals. You will feel motivated and inspired to push harder and achieve your goals.

Similarly, we also offer small group personal training if you want to work out in a group of four people and less. This is a fun atmosphere as it is essentially personal training in a small group. It is a more flexible and cheaper option, so it’s a great choice.

Contact Urban Fitness today

If you’ve been looking for a gym in Sandycove, and enjoy what Urban Fitness Sandycove has to offer, give us a call now to find out more about our gym services. If you phone us at 0876072441, a member of our staff will be able to answer any questions you may have and provide you with further information.

You may also send us an email at, and we will respond as quickly as possible. To discover more about our gym services, go to the Urban Fitness website today.