Have you been looking for a modern gym that will help you achieve your optimum fitness and health goals? If the answer is yes, then Urban Fitness in Sandycove is the facility you’re looking for. Urban Fitness is a South Dublin based gym that specialises in helping men and women realise their maximum potential – feeling, looking and performing their best both inside and outside of the gym.

We offer a range of membership options including personal training, small group training and group training. What’s more, we also provide corporate wellness services to companies who want to boost their workforce’s wellbeing. To find out more about what Urban Fitness in Sandycove offers – go to our website today or contact us on: 08760 72441.

The Story and Mission Behind Urban Fitness

At Urban Fitness in Sandycove, our mission is to help and inspire individuals from all walks of life to live better. This means being happier and healthier, through proper nutrition and an enjoyable, stimulating exercise programme. We all appreciate the difficulties of maintaining a daily exercise and nutritional routine, especially in these times of increasingly busy modern life. However, the Urban Fitness team from our personal trainers to our instructors is determined to help people overcome the barriers and challenges that they face.

It’s our objective that every client, no matter where they’re at in their personal fitness journey, is able to reach their full potential and realise their goals. We aim to do this by implementing the most effective, proven training techniques along with practical nutritional guidance. Ultimately, we set out to transform our clients’ lives, delivering results that change their physical and mental health. We’ve worked with both individuals and private companies, so we’re highly flexible and adaptable too.

Our Range of Gym Memberships

There are a number of gym memberships you can choose from when you visit Urban Fitness in Sandycove. If you desire more focus and attention while you work out, then our dedicated one-on-one personal training membership is the right fit for you. You’ll be working closely with a professional trainer under a customised fitness and nutritional plan.

Alternatively, if you’d like to work out in the company of others, then our small group and group personal training memberships are the ideal choice for you. You’ll be able to train in a supportive, collective environment receiving motivation and assistance from others in the group. It’s designed for your success and takes place in a friendly, encouraging and welcoming atmosphere.

Want to Start your Fitness Journey Today?

If you would like to get in the best shape of your life, then there’s no better place to do so than at Urban Fitness in Sandycove. To kickstart your journey to peak fitness and health, book a call with the Urban Fitness team today via the booking system on our website. We’ll call you at a time convenient to you, getting to know you more and answering any questions you have.

You can also reach us directly on either 08760 72441 or by emailing us at info@urbanfitness.ie. No matter your query, the Urban Fitness team is happy to help you take the first steps on your fitness and wellness adventure. Meanwhile, visit our website for further information.