Keeping our club a safe, clean, healthy environment 

Pre COVID-19 we were already in a really good place for an optimal training set up. We’ve always had very strict cleaning and sanitation initiatives at Urban Fitness, and we pride ourselves on our club always having that clean showroom look and feel.

Our Team has been fully briefed and we will be taking every single precaution outlined by the authorities to ensure the safety of the Urban Fitness Family.

– Whilst on lockdown we’ve redecorated the space, had every inch sanitised and deep cleaned, installed entirely brand new top of the range fitness kit, taken everything we do to the next level.

– Our membership is limited to 132 members… We only deal with a select few people and we serve them with excellence. We can ensure you the footfall and traffic coming through our club is extremely limited.

– There is only ever a certain amount of people in the club at any one time, every single member pre-books their session so we always know who is coming to our club.

– Sessions are 45 minutes in duration to allow for cleaning and between sessions.

– All equipment is cleaned and sanitised after every single session.

– The club itself will get fully and thoroughly sanitised every month with a deep clean, on top of our already thorough cleaning practices.

– We now have an entrance and exit strategy with hand sanitiser pumps and a hand wash station.

– Every Urban Fitness Team member is fully briefed on optimal and correct practices.