Embarking on a fitness journey, especially when you’re new to the world of exercise and healthy living, can be both challenging and tiring. If you’ve ever found yourself struggling to maintain your training routine or sticking to a healthy diet, you are not alone. We’ve all been there, facing those moments when our motivation seems to be totally gone. However, the good news is that motivation is something that we can harness to help achieve our fitness goals and to get back on track.

For many of us, motivation comes and goes, and it can really impact our fitness journeys and lead to us falling off track. It can be easy to stop training, start eating too much chocolate, and not drinking enough water, and easily going back to your old ways. But fear not, there is a way back. In this post, we explore five essential tips to help you stay motivated on your fitness journey, ensuring you can lead a happier and healthier life whilst consistently working towards your goals.

Set Realistic Goals

Setting realistic goals that are tailored to your abilities and aspirations can be a powerful motivator to keep you going on your fitness journey all year round. These goals can be anything, whether its losing a certain amount of weight, lifting a certain weight on the barbell, or improving your endurance so you can run a 5k. By setting yourself specific objectives, it helps to give you a sense of purpose and direction and keep you going even when times get tough. Realistic goals provide you with a clear roadmap for your own progress, allowing you to track those achievements and witness your improving results.

Create a Consistent Routine

Establishing a regular and consistent routine can also help you to boost your motivation, and makes exercising and eating healthy a habit. It is a cornerstone of staying motivated on your journey, and once you start sticking to your routine you’ll start to see progress and improvements, reinforcing your motivation. Establish a regular workout schedule that you can stick to, giving yourself structure and accountability for your workouts that you can stick to. Try and stick to your routine as much as possible, with both diet and training, and it will become easier day by day as it becomes a natural habit and part of your life. Choose a routine that works for you, and stick to it.

Find Accountability

Accountability is also a potent motivator in our fitness journeys, as when we do it all alone it can be easy to fall off the wagon. Sharing your goals and progress with a friend, workout partner, or coach helps to hold you responsible for your actions and keep you going. Knowing that someone is expecting you to show up and put in the effort can provide that extra push on days where motivation is low, and help to pick you up when you’re not feeling your best. It creates a sense of commitment, and obligation to yourself and others. Staying accountable does not only keep you on track, but also transforms your fitness journey into a shared and motivating experience which will propel you to your goals.

Tracking Your Progress

It’s also important to track your progress. This can be in terms of your scale weight, progress photos, how much you’re lifting at the gym, how far you’re running, how many sessions you do a week. Tracking your progress helps you to see how far you’ve come, allowing you to tick off those goals that you’ve set for yourself and make new ones. It also serves as a source of motivation when you do hit those milestones, allowing you to be proud of yourself for how far you’ve come.

Keeping it Varied and Exciting

Exploring different types of exercise and activities can also help to keep you motivated, as a lot of us can get bored when we do the same thing all the time. Fitness should feel fun, and not like a chore, so make sure that you try new things and keep your workouts exciting. This will prevent boredom and monotony, and help you to look forward to your workouts because they’re enjoyable. Maybe this means going to a different fitness class, or trying a new type of training that you’re not used to. When you find joy in your chosen exercise routine, it’ll become easier to stay motivated and on track.

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